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Whole 21-Day Self-Care Journey

Access to the Whole 21-Day Self-Care Journey that includes A Copy of the Whole E-Book A Copy of Whole E-Journal 4 Preparation VideosĀ  4 Replay Live Motivational Videos 21 Daily Motivational Videos

The Start-Up Funding Mini-Course

The Start-Up Funding Mini-Course presented by Katherine Zobre of Innovation Depot Mini-Course Includes: 1. Start-Up Funding Terminology 2. Start-Up Funding Process 3. Building A Cap Table 4. Valuation

DeClutter Your Life, Mind, & Home

DeClutter Your Life, Mind & Home Workbook walk you through 30 Days of getting your life, home, and mind organized and set in order.

Brain Dumping Workbook

Brain Dumping Workbook helps you to get it all of the goals, dreams, tasks, bucket lists, out of your mind and on paper so that you can set a plan to accomplish them all.

Conquering My Limiting Beliefs Mini-Course

The Conquering My Limiting Beliefs Mini-Course helps you to identify the belief systems that are holding you back from having the life you've always dreamed of.

Free In-Depth Behavioral Assessment and Review, valued at $849. Learn your unique style when interacting with others so you can best use your strengths to lead your team through any change.

Other Assessments options are available.

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Offered by Jennifer Bilger
Communicating Change

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